Digital Design Projects


Bertl is a flexible React.js powered registration system for ÖJAB, one of the largest social NGOs of Austria. Their 4000+ residents will experience a crisp, technologically sophisticated web application while applying for a room at a state-aided student dormitory. It will act as a flexible as well as scopeable bridgehead between various, specialized administration systems.


A design system partnered with a PA software solution sounds like sci-fi? Well, it did up until now. As long as Bruno evolves according to plan, a tool to increase the efficiency of employees, and a service to strengthen corporate culture as well as to enhance identification with core CSR values will become a reality. Soon.


A potent web-traffic mill, combined with a web 2.0 community and a sprawling brand ambassador programme, that's not only self-sustaining but lucrative, might be every marketing executives wet dream... I like to dream. Because in this case, when I dream, I dream in React.js

Research & Experimentation


Open Graph, Twitter Cards, and others always seemed like a bit of a drag to set up. My ongoing research project focuses on data-driven and empirically observable phenomena when it comes to using og&tc-based storytelling on social media to supercharge online marketing campaigns.

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