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Hi, my name is Raffael Miribung and I’m a designer, artist, and researcher from Helsinki and Vienna.

When it comes to design, clean, simple and slightly playful elements make me vibe in gaiety. I’m particularly interested in user experience – following a human-centered design approach is something I’m actively trying to implement in my design process as often as possible. I firmly believe that, while important, good visual design cannot eclipse good user experience design. To be able to focus on a great experience I’d generally try to apply an agile design strategy with time for several iterations. I enjoy coding – clues for this passion of mine can be found all over my work as a designer. I learned it on-the-go through my artistic practice and by designing and developing computer games. However, I’m anything but an expert and I love to find environments that allow me to expand my coding skills.

Check out some of my projects.

Personally, I enjoy listening to music and going to concerts. Particularly Heavy Metal, Contemporary Classical Music and a pinch of Electro Pop make me tap my foot on the floor. Naturally, I really like Art. I’m doing Performance Art and I’m creating computer games – enter-able, walkable paintings. One might also meet me at gallery openings or watch me enter a museum. Last but not least, I’m also a Maker and I can spend hours 3D printing, milling, tinkering over little electronic gadgets, experimenting with Arduino and various sensors and honing the design of circuitry.