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ATOLL - Archive


I’m currently developing this project. ATOLL – Archive supports aesthetic experiments in computer games and is dedicated to collecting and showcasing so-called “Islands”. Think of them as small levels of an ever growing, interactive, digital exhibition space. Behind the archive …

How to design a personal approach for a cultural business consultancy with a personal approach? A Generative Design Identity for CBS con fitting like a glove.

M2 commissioned the development of a logo and an identity. A major design challenge of the logo was the various services and how to encompass a clear, yet flexible visual language that satisfies the need for future adaption of the logo to new business strategies.



BNS Consulting LTD

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BNS Consulting LTD is an international boutique consulting firm from London. They tasked me with modernizing their brand. Re-designing their visual identity, their logo and reimagining their homepage.

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