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A visual language for CBS con fitting like a glove

How to generate a visual language for an audience adept in cultural grammar? And how to design an identity for users sensitive to semiotics?

Some key insights of my research into visual languages of competitors were the common usage of pictures depicting speedy and powerful objects. As well as productive and happy people and dynamic, abstract pictures. Further, most consultancy firms used quite a large amount of text to highlight their projects and to explain their process. After reading the available, written contents on two dozen competitor web pages, I realized that most of them used similar narratives and hardly anyone broke out of canon.


visual identity for cultural business solutions



I started to deconstruct the given material to extract the most important information in order to simplify and clarify the future design. During our kick-off meeting and also during follow-up meetings I realized a particular quality in how the two owners worked. They’d approach each and every one of their clients personally and in a way that’s special to their relationship. I wanted to reflect their habits in the design and branding process for it to fit their personalities like a glove. Both owners were strong networkers and preferred it to approach their clients personally or by phone and mail. Theoretically, whoever uses the page would have met either one of them personally and would rather need a mean to contact them or a reminder of what CBS actually stands for.

I would test an initial prototype with several former clients of theirs and I found out that none of them would have used the homepage to get to know their work and projects. From this point onwards, every following iteration and every new sketch involved less and less pictures and a much more distilled and selective use of textual information. In the end, I found myself working with no pictures whatsoever and as little text as possible. A clean, crisp, simple wire-draft was lying in front of me. I wanted to give it a solid, trustworthy, clean look and chose to work mainly with three colors and a strict color coding for information.


logo for culture business solutions


Generative business cards

How to design a personal approach for a cultural business consultancy with a personal approach?

CBS would approach each and every of their clients personally and in a way that’s special to their relationship. In creating their business cards I wanted to reflect this behavior by allowing them to give a unique business card to each and every of their clients. I found it fitting to warp and rearrange the lines of the logo that constitute the ‘C’, the ‘B’ and the ‘S’ with an algorithm. This allowed me to create an insane amount of possible sujets for their business cards.


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