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M2 - Agency

M2 commissioned the development of a logo and an identity. A major design challenge was the various services and how to encompass a clear, yet flexible visual language that satisfies the need for future adaption to new business strategies.

Initial Design – From M2 to M Squared

It is a guiding theme of the design to play with different instances and orders. I perpetuated this throughout the whole design process. Drawing on the initial pattern, I derived the cubic primitive, which forms the lettering “M2“ by using the elegant stability of ‘Dock No. 11‘ font. Albeit the logo has been created in a 3D Modeling Software the dainty adherence to an axiomatic (Iso) perspective playfully explores the connection between the information being registered by the human eye – a 2D image – and it is processed by the brain, which turns it into a 3D image – a space with a greater extend.

This correlates with the design brief that specifically demanded a visual representation of (translated) “more service, more experience, more flexible consistency and more creative consonance“. In the beginning, I’ve been working with color cues from companies (BNS, Maier) the two founders used to be involved with. At first, I entertained the idea that the flatness, inherent to the usage of blame colors would harmonize with the clarity of the geometric shapes. However, I realized that the penuriousness of the planes felt increasingly monotonous and abrasive.



The virtue of complexity – From flatness to ornament

I started to experiment with strategies to break with the monotony of colors. At the same time, I didn’t want to disrupt the geometry of the logo. Working with textures and ornamentation and increasing the visual complexity proved to be the most successful strategy in this case. A set of logos might act as standard assets for letters, forms, labeling or advertisement. Depending on the scenario a distinctly new or slightly mutated logo can be used. All, while maintaining a maximum of flexibility and freedom to allow for the application of an agile visual syntax.


Logo for M2 Event agency and coffee manufacturer


Visual systems – From ornament to making sense

The design allows for flexibly reacting to various situations and challenges:

  • Different approaches and business concepts
  • Different target audiences
  • Individual products and services
  • Expansion and internationality
  • Client/customer integration and networking
  • The flexibility of the brand
  • Competition and visibility

Diversity – From making sense to specificity

The specificity of the logo is among its most telling characteristics. It can be adjusted – into the last corner of customer communication – to the requirements and peculiarities of a project. Be it for a sponsor, a large venture or engagement, an important client or partner – the logo plainly takes its hat off to any relation.



Occasional – From specificity to specialty

Some occasions call for special formats. The logo invites to alter its form to acclaim special events or reasons and to emphasize their importance. So there’s no end to the fields of application, materiality, and frames.



Empowerment – From specialty to ability

I strongly believe that a design should empower its users. If the design actually creates more costs instead of value it missed its inherent design maxim. In this case, I needed to offer the founders and employees of M2 a chance to change the logo by themselves – quick and easy. Therefore, I wrote a JAVA application that allows adding a color to the logo, to load a texture and to change its hue.


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