Digital Design Projects


As a project developer and publisher for contemporary art, Throneroom required a memorizable corporate identity as well as a digital infrastructure specifically tailored to their particular needs. As such, memorability became a key aspect of condensing and intensifying a brand strategy and subsequent solutions for display and CRM purposes. The website of Throne-Room elevates the content mix with subtle yet decisive support of Vue.js and Pico.


Poverty is a problem that's quite common but remeins unequivocally invisible. 1 in 3 people have had experienced it at least once in their life but don't bring it up out of fear of social stigmatisation. Nonetheless, those who suffer from it belong to one of the most vulnerable, yet least heard groups of our society. WieWoWiki is a Gridsome powered web-app to help people escape poverty by providing information on relocation aid and supporting organizations that work on relieve efforts.


H2R is a flexible React.js powered application system and Plug-In. Users will experience a crisp, technologically sophisticated web application while applying for a room at state-aided student dormitories. It will act as a flexible as well as scopeable bridgehead between various, specialized administration systems.

Frag Bruno!

"Ask Bruno!" is a design system partnered with an intranet solution based on Wordpress. Originally, distributing information for employees and brand identification were the central needs identified in the design brief. After an in-depth design research 'Frag Bruno' turned into an intranet solution: a centralised knowledge hub, corporate social network and digital co-working station.


A potent web-traffic mill, combined with a web 2.0 community and a sprawling brand ambassador programme, that's not only self-sustaining but lucrative, might be every marketing executives wet dream... I like to dream. Because in this case, when I dream, I dream in React.js


Obesity is a sensitive issue and losing weight can be a daunting task. Especially for children. Wibaf applies scientific and medical concepts to weight loss and supports children with the know-how to listen to their bodies and to trust themselves. Together with their new Wordpress website, Wibaf can now fall back on a solid set of digital infrastructure that helps them help others more efficiently.